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About Conduit Calculator

Based on the 2011 National Electric Code.
Takes into account:
  • Allowed ampacities and temperature ratings of conductors Table 310.15(B)(16)
  • EGC sizing — Table 250.122
  • Ambient temperature corrections — Table 310.15(B)(2)(a)
  • Adjustments for more than 3 CCC's — Table 310.15(B)(3)(a)
  • Cross-sectional area of conductors — Chapter 9, Table 5
  • Cross-sectional conduit areas (Chapter 9, Table 4) and allowed conduit area ratio — Chapter 9, Table 1

DISCLAIMER: We aim to make this program accurate with respect to the 2011 National Electric Code, but we make no guarantees about the correctness of the results. Be sure to verify all results by hand, following your local jurisdiction's electrical code.

Please report any errors or discrepancies to feedback -AT- conduit -DOT - site